My work experience

As a Full Stack Developer and DevOps, I'm working with the following technologies: HTML, JavaScript, Golang, and Docker with Kubernetes for container orchestration purposes. Also working with Azure managed environments With the following activities:

⦿ Development and deployment of containerized applications to Kubernetes;

⦿ Email Marketing and Landing page template development compatible with an array of mailing clients;

⦿ Deployment and installation of applications to cloud-based infrastructures;

⦿ Maintenance and installation of custom LAMP-stack based applications (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP);

⦿ Infrastructure migrations between cloud platforms;

⦿ General infrastructure management, monitoring, and sizing;

⦿ API, Integration and automation development;

⦿ Assistance to Jr. Developers;

Started as a Back-end developer working mainly with monolithic .NET Core applications focusing on portability. Shifted to Golang and helped the development of microservices and integrations for global contractors.

⦿ API, integrations, and automation development;

⦿ Deployment and maintenance of applications in both languages;

⦿ New products development (local and international);


Here is a short list of a few of my own personal projects (WIP)

  • HyppyFM is an application that generates album cover collages based on what you listened in your account, entirely made with Golang
  • GoPix is a webapp that generates custom QR Codes to be used with Pix (brazillian instant payment system)
  • ExodiaLibrary is an API that retrieves information on the cards from Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh! cardgame in french, english and portuguese. Used Go, Docker and PostgreSQL